Today I was with some friends and I realized why some people have unfulfilling conversations.

People are taught to relate to each other in conversation. This makes sense. Find common ground, talk about shared experiences.
They’re doing it wrong.

Instead of being interested in what their partner has to say, some people respond with some event that happened in their own life that kind of relates.

Here’s an example:
“Hey my college had awesome parties!”
“I was in a frat and we threw epic parties too! We used to do all kinds of things.”
These people are not talking to each other. Neither person cares what the other is saying. I have watched two people have entire conversations like this.

A better conversation:
“Hey my college had awesome parties!”
“Oh really? What kinds of things did you guys do?”

It makes a HUGE difference when vibing with others and it gives two people a real connection.

This Is Life

Hopefully everyone has already realized this, but if not here is a quick idea:

“Kindergarten will be the shit!” – Pre-Schoolers
“Junior High is gonna rock!” – Elementary School Kids
“High School, we’ll be grown up!” – Junior High People
“College, best time of our lives!” – High Schoolers
“Can’t wait to get a real job and be independent!” – College Students

Stop looking to the future. Life is now.


Today I realized that all people are connected. I know. It sounds cliche. I’ll explain.

Look at a refrigerator. It was bought from a store and movers brought it to a house. The store bought it from a refrigerator-making company. That company used plastics, metals, etc. that were found by other people in various parts of the world.
Now in order for the fridge to work it needs electricity. This requires another company and another group of people.
All the people involved with the fridge must eat to stay alive. They get their food from grocery stores. Grocery stores get their food from farmers around the world. Farmers use tools and vehicles that other people make, vehicles require oil, etc, etc, etc.

Everyone is connected to everyone else.

I look around my house. Everyone in the world helped me get what I have.



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